University of Bath Nightlife

University of Bath Nightlife

University of BathUniversity of Bath Nightlife

This guide to Bath’s nightlief will hopefully (hint hint) grow.

The Nest – Now under management from the (old) Porter, so very good – the mantra ‘Nest is best’ isn’t for nothing. The saying – ‘You can keep my vest, just take me to the Nest’ shows the quality of the Nest given the sentimental value of the vest.

The Second Bridge – Quite new, more expensive than say Tee’s or Poo’s and attracts a more preppy crowd. Nice interior, below the Earl Of Manvers bar. all still fairly accurate, quite a posh club, also worth noting you can start off in the pub next door, the Earl and move to the club later on in the night BH- I don’t agree that it is a posh club, I like that it is one of the few venues that actually offer two alcoves for r’n’b music because that genre is really really sparse in Bath. It is a little pricey in comparison to other clubs for drinks, so be warned.


University of Bath Nightlife

The Blue Rooms – Top of the high street, next to Revs. Fairly expensive, more adult atmosphere. Music isn’t great. No longer exists, heard it got shut down after some drugs bust – has been replaced by Zero Zero, which I think is a lot better. Only been there once but seemed to have a good atmosphere.

The Bell-Legendary alternative pub with a very wide mix of ages and friendly atmosphere.

Boater, The – Located just off Pulteney Bridge, this pub has steps down to a cellar and a massive beer garden near the river. Great in the summer and for going on to Playground Club. A favourite haunt of sportsmen and women.

Delfter Krug/Raw – Lamb and Lion – A typical pub with beer garden, pool table, and TV screens. Cheapest pint in town (allegedly).