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University of Bath Maths

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University of Bath Maths

Bath University Maths Society – BUMS

Our student’s union Math-sci society offer a wide range of events.

“We’re mainly famous for our huge nights out in Bristol… But we also focus a lot on letting you know about graduate/placement employer events going on campus that we think you’ll be interested in, plus setting up our own presentations and networking events with maths related job opportunities (usually with free food!)

Obviously we also chuck in some real maths stuff. Like celebrating pii day (March 14th = 3/14) and putting on interestingly different maths lectures for you guys.”

Bath Taps

Bath Taps Into Science is an annual Science Fair held in Bath organised by Prof Chris Budd and his team.

Maths Olympiad

British Mathematical Olympiad

Dr Geoff Smith MBE chairs the British Mathematical Olympiad the senior mathematics competition held in British schools.

International Mathematical Olympiad

Dr Geoff Smith MBE regularly leads UK teams to participate in internatonal mathematics competitions for secondary school students. The most well-known such competition is the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

Geoff is one of the five elected members of the Advisory Board (the Council) of the IMO.

Royal Institution Maths Masterclasses

Royal Institution Maths Masterclasses have been held at the University of Bath since 1991. Many members of academic staff have volunteered their time to speak to local young mathematicians.

Council of the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust

Dr Geoff Smith MBE and Prof Chris Budd sit on the Council of the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust, the charity which administers all national secondary school maths competitions in the UK.