University of Bath Kit

University of Bath Kit

University of Bath

University of Bath Kit


To make sure everyone looks top draw in our sexy Bath blue and yellow, the Lacrosse Club is rolling out a few new pieces of stunning kit for both on and off the field.


Every club member should proudly wear one of these… This outstanding item shows you are a part of the best group of Bathletes on campus.


Winter is nearly upon us and what better to keep your head warm and looking edgy than a beautiful bloodbath beanie!!


A great piece of stash, and planning ahead for that graduation day or end of season, the guys will be showing their colours with these all season long.


These are the best piece of kit which the club churns out and are great for training in. Light, comfortable, reversible: these will be one of your best buys all year. Get one ready for Bluesfest in June.


We are currently working with a few companies to get the best deal. These onesies are loved by those lucky enough to own one. They are comfortable and perfect for every occasion, especially tour! You know you want one.

 Playing kit for the all club teams is provided by Surridge. A great shout if you’re keen and are looking to get into the mens 1s or regularly show your face for the girls 1s or 2s, some of the kit here is well worth a look…

We are working closely with Surridge now to get a more extensive range of club kit. Jumpers for both the guys and the girls are on their way, as are base layer tops and leggings.

Any questions or requests for new kit, get in touch:

Joe @                   or                  Ben @