University of Bath Kickboxing

University of Bath Kickboxing

University of Bath

What We Do

University of Bath Sanda Kickboxing Club is your place to be if you want to train both your body and mind. Our sessions involve fitness exercises, which will get you warmed up and fit, as well as a myriad of combat techniques that will trigger your logical thinking and further improve your body shape.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a martial arts pro, a boy or a girl, you are welcome to our fun and friendly workouts. The experience you will gain will teach you how to handle yourself in and out of the ring -knowing how to defend yourself is an absolute plus. Being one of the biggest sports clubs in University of Bath, we are giving you the chance to meet new friends and take part in the amazing activities we hold throughout the academic year, such as our spectacular event Fight Night, where you can see how we kickboxers get it done! Be a part of the most successful university kickboxing club in the UK!

What you get:

  • Weekly diverse full body workouts
  • Martial arts techniques
  • Self-defense skills
  • Opportunity to earn internationally recognized belts and take part in competitions
  • An awesome motivating sports environment with tons of new friends

For more info and to ask us any questions send us an email or join our facebook page.

See you in practice!


Reasons to Join Us

Our evening practices are undoubtedly the perfect end of the day. You can either push your body to the limit or have a chilled workout – it’s entirely your choice! The friends you will meet and the experience you will gain in practice will stay with you outside the ring. What is more, becoming a member of the kickboxing club will give you exclusive discounts.