University of Bath Internal

University of Bath Internal

University of Bath

Internal users

Postgraduate and undergraduate student users of MAS facilities should ensure they have permission from their supervisor to use the instruments before contacting MAS staff. A project code for charging purposes is required and should be obtained from a supervisor.

Charges for use of facilities

Facility Charge per hour
Electron Microscopes £27.80
Atomic Force Microscope £27.47
FTIR £16.39
Raman microscope £27.03
Laboratory £12.67
Confocal LSM880 £30.03
Confocal META £30.03
FACs Canto £25.39
FACs Aria III £25.84
In Cell Analyser £23.18
CLARIOstar £11.03
Hypoxic Cabinets £11.87
Leica DMi8 £11.42


New internal homepage – beta version ready for your feedback

14 March 2013

New Internal Homepage

As previously communicated, a new improved version of the internal homepage is in development.

The project team are making the test (beta) version available for feedback from today.

To take a look please click here or paste the url into your web browser.

You will see a tab at the top of the page asking you if you want to make the test version your homepage. You can change back at any time.

Both existing and new homepage versions will be run in parallel during the testing phase. The same content and same links are present on both but in a new design which has been developed to provide a better user experience.

The team will be seeking your feedback about the new design once it has been running for a couple of days so please look out for and complete the online feedback form.

Remember, both homepages will be maintained during this test phase so please feel free to use whichever version you prefer. If you want to make the new homepage your default page you can do so by clicking on the tab at the top.

Your views will help identify any improvements which might need to be made before the final go-live.

The project team would like to thank all those who have provided input to the new design at earlier stages of development and look forward to your feedback.