University of Bath IMC

University of Bath IMC

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University of Bath IMC (Individual Mitigating Circumstances and Assessment)


General description of Individual Mitigating Circumstances

  1. Individual mitigating circumstances (IMCs) are the University’s descriptions of conditions which temporarily prevent a student from undertaking assessment or significantly impair the student’s performance in assessment: as such, the measure of their severity is not about impact on the student, but impact on the assessment.
  2. With the aim of providing clear guidance for both students and staff, the University publishes a single-page summary document about IMCs (see Appendix 1: IMC guidance document). This is intended to guide by example, rather than to present a closely-prescribed list of that which will, or will not, be admissible. However, all users should note the shortness of the list of examples of events that would be likely to be considered as valid IMCs, if the timing were such as to have an impact on the student’s assessment(s).
  3. Full guidance on the University’s principles and procedures for dealing with IMCs and assessment are set out in this document, Individual Mitigating Circumstances & Assessment — Principles & Procedures within & outside the New Framework for Assessment: Assessment Regulations, abbreviated as IMCA. This will be supplemented by targeted guidance and answers to frequently-asked questions for students and different groups of staff.


General description of related matters

This section compares IMCs with other potentially-related matters, including conditions or circumstances which might otherwise be confused with IMCs.

  • Normal life throws up difficulties and problems, and minor illnesses, that students have to cope with during study in just the same way as everyone does at home or at work: students are expected to take appropriate steps to minimize the impact of these, since such events are unlikely to be accepted as valid IMC claims.
  • Some assessments are susceptible to adjustment to avoid the need for IMC claims.

Coursework submission deadlines can be varied for individual students who, for example, might fall ill shortly beforehand, whereas formal examinations are events which cannot have extensions to run a few days later for individual students. In relation to the submission of coursework, students are expected to seek an extension of the deadline for submission of coursework if affected by conditions or circumstances that would otherwise be likely to lead to the submission of a valid IMC claim after the coursework deadline. Timing, and the severity of the impact on the assessment, are both critical aspects here.