University of Bath Grade 8

University of Bath Grade 8

University of Bath

Grades 6-9 terms & conditions (excluding academic staff)


Salaries are specified in the advertisement for the post. Where applicable, increments in a scale are payable from 1st April subject to six months satisfactory performance in post. Salary scales are currently subject to annual review with effect from 1st August each year. Salaries are normally paid monthly on the 25th of each month by credit transfer to a bank or building society account.

Hours of work

The standard working hours for a full-time employee are 36½ per week. However, there will be times, having regard to the exigencies of the service, when staff will have to work outside those hours to fulfil their duties and responsibilities. The University has a flexible working hours scheme which is adopted where working circumstances permit.

Place of work

Your normal place of work is the University premises in Bath. However, you may be required to work on either a temporary or permanent basis at any other University of Bath premises, or at any other location at which the University provides services. Wherever possible we will discuss any change with you, and endeavour to give you reasonable notice of any such change.

Annual leave

For full-time staff there are 26 days of annual leave, plus the (eight) Bank Holidays, and a further five days when the University is closed. Three of these days normally fall at Christmas, when the University is closed for normal business from Christmas Eve until the New Year. Entitlements for part-time staff are calculated on a proportional basis.

Sick leave

Subject to compliance with the Sickness Absence Policy an employee absent from duty owing to illness shall be entitled to receive an allowance in accordance with the following scales:

Full Pay Half Pay
First 6 months of service
2 weeks
2 weeks
6-12 months of service
1 month
1 month
After 12 months of service
6 months
3 months