University of Bath Exam Results

University of Bath Exam Results

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Techniques for dealing with exam stress

While exams inevitably involve a certain amount of stress, this is particularly true of A-level exams which not only represent the culmination of two years of hard work, but can also be important in determining whether students will be able to go to their first choice university.

While some level of stress before and during exams is to be expected, there is a lot that your child can do to reduce exam stress and to give themselves the best possible chance of performing well during their exams.


Revision skills

Revising for exams is challenging and can be very stressful, but with a little pre-planning there are a number of steps that your child can take to help them to revise effectively and to give themselves the best possible chance of success in their exams.

Planning revision

Careful planning is crucial to successful revision, and your child should consider creating a revision timetable which allocates sufficient time for them to revise each topic in depth. Creating a revision timetable can really help to encourage your child to think about how to best use their time, and working to clearly defined timeslots can help them to make the most of their revision sessions.

Encourage your child to create a timetable as soon as soon as possible- the earlier they start to plan their revision the more manageable it will be. It is important that they have sufficient time to fully understand each topic, to learn all key information, and to then practice articulating their knowledge by completing past exam papers.

They should aim to allocate specific time slots for each topic, and should also make sure that they set aside time to take a break from revision and unwind- this will help to motivate them to keep to their schedule, and will also better enable them to deal with the stresses of revision.