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Orange dotted arrow 11x10 used in the left column Secure downloads area

Is our software download store which enables access to site licensed software based on university authenthication.

The software that is found in the Secure downloads area will be stored as a ISO file. These are files that can be burnt to a CD or DVD. Please do not store ISO files on your H: drive or shared storage.

An ISO file is like a container that holds all the parts of something that needs building. The ISO itself can not be used without a tool to open, retrieve and assemble the contents, then they become the file you can use to install the software.

The most common way to download the contents of an ISO file is to burn the ISO file to a CD, DVD, or BD disc. It’s a different process than burning a bunch of music or document files to a disc because your software must “assemble” the contents of the ISO file onto the disc.

Using the secure downloads area

When you navaigate to the secure downloads area you will be required to log into Single Sign On with your University of Bath credentials. This will be the authentication that enables the system to automatically detect what software you can download.

The image below will tell you what each menu option within the secure downloads area is for: