University of Bath Campus

University of Bath Campus

University of Bath

Our campus is located on Claverton Down, which sits on the south-east hilltop edge of the city of Bath. The campus is designed around a central pedestrian thoroughfare, known as the Parade.

We offer excellent facilities for teaching, accommodation and leisure on campus and we are continually improving current spaces and investing in new buildings.

Facilities on campus

  • At the centre of the Parade is the Library which is open 24 hours a day all year round and offers computing services, information and research assistance as well as books and journals.
  • The world-class Sports Training Village is home to a number of elite athletes and our sports performance centre. It is also open to staff, students and the local community who can take advantage of the outstanding facilities.
  • On the eastern side of campus is The Edge, home to the The Edge Arts and School of Management, which has a vibrant programme of visual arts, theatre, dance and music. The new Centre for the Arts provides The Edge Arts and our surrounding area with an exciting new arts venue.

For several years we have received recognition for the outstanding beauty of our campus grounds with awards from Bath in Bloom.