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University of Bath Architecture

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University of Bath Architecture

Course aims

Our course gives you the practical and creative skills you need to explore, analyse and communicate architectural proposals. You’ll combine practical work in design studios with a grounding in the historic and cultural theory of architecture. Through integrating science, mathematics and art, you’ll learn how to control, manipulate and compose internal spaces and external forms.

Individual and group projects will challenge you to integrate the principles of structural, environmental and sustainable design into your work. Your knowledge of materials and the assembly of building elements will help inform how you approach design.

Working with civil engineers in our joint department develops your understanding of the technical aspects of designing structures. It will also give you an insight into design problems you could face professionally. This cross-discipline teamwork prepares you for the professional team relationships you’ll experience in your career.

Professional recognition/accreditation

This course is fully accredited by the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).


Year 1 – Compulsory units

  • Design studio 1.1
  • Design studio 1.2
  • Building environment 1
  • History and theory 1.1: vernacular architecture
  • Structures 1A
  • Detailed design 1
  • History and theory of architecture 1.2: twentieth-century western architecture and design
  • Practice, management and law 1
  • Computer aided design 1

Year 2 – Compulsory units

  • Design studio 2.1
  • Structural and detailed design
  • Environmental design
  • Digital illustration
  • History and theory of architecture 2: history of western architecture
  • Professional placement 1

Year 3- Compulsory units

  • Design studio 3.1
  • History and theory 3.2: urban studies
  • History and theory and architecture 3.1: Classicism and the foundation of modern design theory
  • Professional placement 2

Year 4 – Compulsory units

  • Design studio 4.1
  • History and theory 4: issues in contemporary architecture
  • Practice, management and law 4
  • Design studio 4.2

Each standard unit (6 credits) has a notional learning time commitment of 120 hours, including both contact hours and independent learning. This is consistent with national guidelines.