University of Arts London Undergraduate Courses

University of Arts London Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate courses at London College of Communication (LCC) are rooted in industry and award-winning, with heritage-rich screen, media and design degrees. Experience the breadth of our expertise in any one of these courses: journalism, advertising, PR, publishing, photography, film and television, sound arts, media studies, branded spaces, interactive media and design cultures.

  1. Gain the essential skills you’ll need for a successful career in the advertising industry. BA (Hons) Advertising is a multi-award winning course with students gaining accolades at Young Lions, Cannes, D&AD UK, The One Show New York and around the world.

  2. BA (Hons) Animation is a practice-led course, enabling you to choose one of four specialist pathways that reflect industry specialisms – animation arts, 3D computer animation, visual effects and games arts.

  3. Explore the role that media, cultural and creative processes play in shaping today’s world.

  4. BA (Hons) Design for Art Direction will not only help you learn the skills associated with being a practice-based designer, but also develop your creative vision and the ability to direct other practitioners in realising that vision in whatever media and outcome are relevant to the solution.

  5. BA (Hons) Design for Branded Spaces is a new future-facing course with a strong focus on interactive branded spaces enhanced by digital technologies. It is aimed at students who are interested in designing interior, pop up, installation and event spaces for commercial and cultural brands.

  6. Study design management and global cultures from the unique perspective of a communication, design and media institution. BA (Hons) Design Management and Cultures is a practice-based course where you will apply critical thinking and design research methods to a range of projects and collaborations that address social, business and environmental needs.

  7. Geared towards industry and designed to develop your creative, commercial and practical skills, BA (Hons) Film Practice will prepare you for a range of technical roles within film production. Workshops in the areas of sound, camerawork, lighting, directing and assistant directing, producing, acting, editing, screenwriting, and production design will develop your skills and potential to operate creatively and within a variety of technical roles.

  8. One of the UK’s most highly regarded film and television degrees. Acclaimed film-makers and lecturers. A stimulating range of options. With BA (Hons) Film and Television you get access to all three. From directing and producing to sound design and cinematography, you’ll use industry-standard software, choose your own specialism and see your work on screen. Our graduate films have been up for awards at BAFTA and the British Film Institute.

  9. Build. Test. Play. BA (Hons) Games Design gives you the opportunity to take the software tools of games design and create new gaming experiences. From storyboarded concepts to playable prototypes to user testing and evaluation, you’ll design the code as well as the visual feedback systems so you’re ready to join the industry and develop new games from scratch.

  10. BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design builds on the rich heritage of graphic design education at London College of Communication. Our innovative approach encourages exploration of materials, media and methodologies across key areas including social design, branding, information design, typographic media and communication environments. You also have the opportunity to take a directed year out in industry anywhere in the world.

  11. BA (Hons) Graphic Branding and Identity is designed to produce strategic thinkers and creative communicators. The course equips you with the tools to become a professional practitioner within this expansive industry.

  12. BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Media is a studio-based course that aims to produce creative and innovative illustrators who are prepared to take risks with their work. You will develop a range of visual languages including animation, computing, photography and printmaking.

  13. BA (Hons) Information and Interface Design is a design-led and digitally focused course that explores user experience (UX) and user interface design (UID), for current and emerging technologies.

  14. Create. Experience. Communicate. BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts is a practice-led, experimental course focusing on the relationship between people and designed objects and experiences.

  15. Get inside the story with BA (Hons) Journalism at LCC. Known for being as close to on-the-job learning as it gets, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge in print, online and television journalism.

  16. This industry focused course allows you to develop specialist skills and gain a detailed understanding of the many types of production work involved in live events and television.

  17. BA (Hons) Magazine Journalism and Publishing is a unique course that combines the practical and technical skills of journalism, editing and production with a contextual understanding of the business of publishing.

  18. With an emphasis on the social and cultural impact of digital media forms, BA (Hons) Media Communications at LCC examines the technologies, practices and policies that drive modern media communications.

  19. BA (Hons) Photography at LCC is an innovative programme that encourages you to develop a distinctive approach to photography. Spanning fine art, documentary and commercial practice and grounded in a critical understanding of the medium, you will develop and research your own ideas in relation to project briefs and learn the skills needed to work professionally.

  20. Develop the essential skills to become a working photographer and to produce work for a range of outlets including newspapers, magazines (print and online), galleries, books and picture agencies.

  21. Prepare for a successful career in the growing and dynamic Public Relationships (PR) industry. Discover how brands communicate ideas, products and services to diverse audiences, and how reputations are formed and maintained in a digital environment.

  22. BA (Hons) Sound Arts and Design centres on the creative use of sound, both as a medium in its own right and in support of other media, including: sound design for film, animation, field recording and soundscape studies, as well as interactive programming, multi-channel composition, digital improvisation and sound art installations.