University of The Arts London Dorms

University of The Arts London Dorms

Whether you choose to live in one of the University’s halls of residence or in a privately-rented home, Accommodation Services can provide information and advice to help you find a suitable place to live.

The University’s halls of residence are available to students who have an offer for a place on a course at the University.

We encourage you to pick your top 5 halls when you apply, as that will give us a better indicator as to what your preferred choices are. We will try to give you one of your top 5, however, we can not guarantee you will be placed there. Please apply early to avoid disappointment – the sooner you apply the more likely you are to get one of these choices.

Please note that we prioritise applications from all international and disabled students, as well as any student under the age of 18. If you have special requirements you must notify us of your needs on your application for accommodation.

Be aware that foundation year students study on a different timetable to students on most other courses, however, students are still free to book a place in our halls.

Rooms available

Please note, we still have a selection of rooms available for this academic year (2017-18 for current students) and for MA students starting in January 2018.

When can I apply?

Current students (academic year 2017-18) and MA students starting in January 2018 can apply now.

Students should register for an account using their UAL Student ID number and follow the instructions to apply.

When will I hear about my offer?

All students should receive their offer approximately 3 days after they apply.

Once you have been offered a room we cannot change your offer.

If you change your mind because you would prefer to live in another hall, you will have to reject your offer and contact us to be put on a mailing list. We strongly advise against doing this as you are not guaranteed to receive a second offer given the high level of applications.