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European Travel Group trip to Iceland.Click here for more photos.

Meeting Room Booking Schedule. Plenty of free times, very reasonable rates, central location.More information here. Photo here

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1. Universities Research Requests

Researchers requiring assistance, please contact web coordinator

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Have you ever had an earworm- music stuck in your mind? Click here to enter an online study

Reducing Falls in older people. Click here for poster and here for participant information. Closing date: 1/12/2017

30/06/2017 Project: do you own a blood pressure monitor. Information here, notes for participants here.Closing date 31/10/2017

30/06/2017 Project:do you monitor your BMI. Information here, notes for participants here. Closing date 31/10/2017

6/07/2017 Smoking cessation project: information here, notes for participants here.This is a two year study.

2.External Organisations

Help your local charities: link to Voluntary Action Sheffield
MOOCS (Massive Online Courses): new updates for 2017