University of 3rd age dundee

University of 3rd age dundee

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The University of the Third Age began in France in 1972 and was adopted in the U.K. more than 30 years ago. The term “third age” means “no longer in full-time, employment” and not a specific, numerical age. In the U.K. , U3As are self-help endeavours, consisting of groups of people who come together to share their knowledge, skills and experience in an informal situation.

Membership of a U3A is open to all men and women without discrimination as to race, religion or politics and each U3A belongs to the national organisation, the Third Age Trust , which is run by a democratically elected committee of members.
There are now 1000 U3As in Britain, with about 47 in Scotland.


Our U3A , which is a charitable organisation, was founded in 1992 by one of our Honorary Members, Norman Tully, who had returned to live in Dundee after spending several years living in Australia, where he and his wife had been active members of a U3A.

At present we have almost 500 members and offer approximately 38 classes which are run by voluntary Group Leaders. We have quite a range of subjects on offer, but like many other U3As we are always looking for people who would be willing to give up some of their free time to share their expertise and experience in any activity.

We are very fortunate in Dundee in that we are given free accommodation by the City Council in Community Centres around Dundee for our classes. Our working year runs through from September to June.
The cost to join Dundee U3A is £13.00 per year which includes membership of your groups.

University of 3rd age dundee


We have 40 groups including six Modern Language Groups, six Craft Groups and a wide variety of other groups. All groups meet in various Community Centres around the city. You can find this information by clicking each group page.