University of the 3rd age chester

University of the 3rd age chester

       THE UNIVERSITY OF THE THIRD AGE (U3A) is a national network of educational and leisure activities organised for and by the retired and others with time to devote to learning and teaching. No educational qualifications are needed to participate and none are given.


  1. The objectives of the U3A are:
    (i) to advance the education of the public, and in particular middle-aged and older people who are not in full-time gainful employment in Chester and the surrounding locality and
    (ii) to help provide facilities for leisure time and recreational activities for its members.
  2. Persons shall be considered for membership after completing an application form and on payment of the annual subscription provided they agree to abide by the Constitution and any conditions properly imposed by the Committee.
  3. Any group of members, with the approval of the Committee, may set up a study group.
  4. Any expenses will only be met if they have been approved in advance by the Committee and submitted on an approved claim form with receipts attached.

STUDY GROUPS offer a variety of opportunities for members to use their knowledge, skills and experiences, and to acquire new ones, in an informal friendly atmosphere. Groups meet periodically, usually in members homes, but some rent accommodation. Each group has a co-ordinator who may have specialised knowledge, or who may simply act as a convenor, with members pooling their knowledge and skills and learning together. Further details are available from the Group Liaison Officer. Anyone wishing to join a group must first of all contact the co-ordinator for the group.

SOCIAL EVENTS such as visits, outings and short breaks are organised. Details appear in the monthly news-sheet.

MONTHLY MEETINGS take place on the first Tuesday and second Thursday of each month at St Columba’s Church Hall, Plas Newton Lane, Upton.