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Tier 4 Team Coventry University

Tier 4 Compliance

If you are an international student studying at Coventry University, you will have met a number of strict requirements set by the UK government in order to study in the UK. Coventry University wants to ensure that you are able to remain in the UK to enjoy your time and successfully complete your studies. For this to happen, both you as a student and the University as your sponsor, are required to comply with strict Home Office rules.

This is managed by the Tier 4 Compliance team, who maintain a strong partnership with Coventry University Tier 4 students to ensure continued compliance with visa requirements. The Tier 4 Compliance Team are friendly, approachable and assist students in remaining compliant with current UKVI regulations.  They are located in the Student Centre and are available in Room G11 in the Student Centre between 11:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

The Tier 4 Team will ensure that students fully engage in their studies, provide advice and guidance on Tier 4 compliance matters and maintain, for each Tier 4 Student, a file containing copies of current immigration documentation.

Coventry University is obliged to act honestly and therefore must inform the UKVI of any students who do not comply with the conditions of the visa. Coventry University will do all we can to assist Tier 4 visa holders in remaining compliant with their visa regulations but it is essential that the individual student takes responsibility for their own studies, personal information and documents, keeping those documents up to date.  Student’s must ensure they understand and comply with the rules of your Tier 4 leave.

Students who fail to fully adhere to visa regulations put their Tier 4 visa status at risk and continued failure may result in the University withdrawing sponsorship. Withdrawal of sponsorship will result in curtailment (cancellation) of the Tier 4 visa.