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Teesside University Waterhouse Building

The grammar school was designed by Alfred Waterhouse

The Waterhouse Building of Teesside University is located between Borough Road and Southfield Line in Middlesbrough. It was originally a high school, built in 1877 by Alfred Waterhouse (who also designed of London’s Natural History Museum); and J. Johnson (Auckland). In 1906 an extension was built on the west side of the building by T.A. Lofthouse (Middlesbrough).[1] In the 1960’s the former high school was purchased by Constantine Technical College, which later became Teesside University. It is a Grade II listed building.

Alfred Waterhouse

Linda Polley spoke to BBC Tees about why the campus’ buildings are so special:

“The Edwardian period provided us with big houses and the grammar school, which was designed by Alfred Waterhouse, who is best known for designing the Natural History museum in London and Manchester Town Hall.

“The grammar school is now listed and only half of the original building is left and although it is listed, it’s been reorganised inside so we can still hold classes in it.

“We have two buildings from the 1930s – The Constantine Building and the Christian Science Reading room on Southfield Road..

Lecturer Linda Polley
Linda Polley wants people to look up and notice their town’s buildings

“There are also late 20th century buildings, like the 1960s tower block and the 1970s Clarendon building, which may not have a good reputation but they are good examples of their type and i think they deserve to be talked about.”

Linda hopes that the talk will provoke people into looking up from their feet when they are walking around the campus , and the town:

“I try to get people to think about their surroundings. Once you start looking, the more you learn, the more you see see and I would recommend people to look around whilst they walk about.

“I think the (campus’) complexity and the mixture of old and new is the characteristic of any decent town, as town’s grow over the years and I find it very interesting.

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