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Teesside University School of Health, The School’s student satisfaction remains consistently high as evidenced by the independent National Student Survey results each year.

We have also been commended for our well-established relationships with health and social care services – such as involving carers and service users in developing and delivering our programmes; a factor highly commended in Teesside University’s Investors in People re-assessment.

Service design and delivery

All our activities are about enhancing the quality of care to service users. Our programmes are based on service and user need which involves consultation with them as the main stakeholders. Service users help development and delivery of our programmes, a factor highly commended in the University’s Investors in People re-assessment.

We have an extensive range of short courses developed in response to service needs and many are delivered in the workplace. Assessments for these are tailored towards the specific commissioner’s needs and underpinned by work-based learning, blended and electronic learning and outcomes which match service outputs – again enhancing the quality of care.

Continuing Workforce Development

We offer a wide range of short awards across all professional disciplines, which may be accredited or unaccredited depending on service needs, including:

  • University Certificate in Continuing Education (UCCE) – 20 credits
  • University Certificate in Professional Development (UCPD) – 30 Credits
  • University Certificate in Advanced Professional Development (UCAPD) – 60 Credits
  • University Certificate in Postgraduate Professional Development (UCPPD) – 40 postgraduate credits
  • Postgraduate Certificate – 60 postgraduate credits

The list is not exhaustive and does not include our diploma, degree, master’s and doctorate awards. We are renowned for working with employers in accrediting their in-house education and training courses. Our extensive range of short programmes are outlined in our Education and Training portfolio.

Full-time academic awards

The School is commissioned by Health Education England in the North East to deliver full-time programmes in nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, diagnostic radiography, medical ultrasound, operating department practice, foundation degrees (various), improving access to psychological therapies, dental nursing, dental hygiene therapy and clinical psychology. We also deliver social work and paramedic courses.


The School’s research institute has an ever growing international reputation in the areas of public health, rehabilitation, service evaluation and end of life care. It works collaboratively with the other Universities in the North East and collectively has enabled significant funds to be channelled into public health in the broadest sense. The School also has partnerships with other universities both nationally and internationally and we are pleased to have all of our research nationally and internationally acclaimed. Evaluations contributing to service locally and nationally include teenage pregnancy, maternal obesity, smoking cessation, role of the emergency care and neonate practitioners to name but a few.