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Teesside University Research, Here at Teesside University our focus is on externally facing research that makes a real, practical difference to the lives of people and the success of businesses and economies.

We work with a range of organisations from national governments to small businesses, and from multinational companies to NGOs and charities.

Our research addresses problems that range from complex, multi and inter-disciplinary ‘Grand Challenges’ focussed on some of the biggest issues of our time, through to highly focussed discipline based research within our Academic Schools and their Departments.

Our Research Challenges address five thematic areas of research and innovation and bring to bear the diverse range of expertise of the University. We work in partnership and across traditional discipline and subject boundaries. This multifaceted approach aims to provide the fresh thinking needed to help address some of the biggest national and global ‘Grand Challenges’ that face society

Academic expertise

The academic and research staff in our Schools provide the specialist knowledge and expertise to form the engine room of our research. We are proud that we have externally recognised ‘World Leading’ and/or ‘ Internationally Excellent ‘ research (REF 2014) in all five Schools of the University. Across the University our research impact has been assessed as ‘outstanding in terms of its reach and significance’.

Further details on the research of our Schools and how this links and fits with our other activities can be found on each School website.