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Teesside University Pay Scales

Pay and benefits

We aim to be an employer of choice and offer an attractive range of pay, pension and flexible working benefits to staff. These are outlined in the University’s reward and recognition statement with further information below.

Getting paid

Monthly paid staff – salaries are paid monthly, by bank or building society transfer, on 26 of each month, unless that day falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, in which case the credit is paid on the Friday preceding. Staff will receive a salary statement each month with a detailed statement of pay and deductions.

Weekly paid staff – weekly wages are credited to a bank account or building society on Fridays, except where a Bank Holiday falls, when pay day is brought forward. Each week staff are provided with a detailed statement of pay and deductions.


Staff employed on incremental scales are entitled to an increment in accordance with the Pay Framework Agreement of 2006, which allows opportunities for all staff to progress up to and including the contribution point and the top of each grade.
  Increments (word – 27kb)
  Salary scales (pdf – 33kb)

Flexible working

Flexi-time may be available to administrative and technical staff, up to grade seven with their line manager’s approval. Flexi-time aims to provide flexibility to meet the needs of the University and individual members of staff.

Line managers may exclude certain staff from the scheme, where it is felt it is detrimental to the efficient running of the school, department or unit.

Overtime and shift pay

The successful use and management of the flexible working scheme should limit the requirement for staff to work overtime. However, where this requirement is unavoidable, certain provisions apply.
  Overtime and shift pay provisions (word – 32kb)

Pension information

  • Teesside pension fund
  • Teachers pension fund

Redeployment and pay protection policy

Redeployment and pay protection is available to all members of staff, whose post is declared ‘at risk’ for whatever reason or, when due to medical reasons, a member of staff can no longer perform the duties of their current role. You will be advised of this verbally by your manager and this will be confirmed in writing by Human Resources. The University will consult with the trade unions to communicate what is happening.
  Redeployment and pay protection policy (word – 195kb)

Declaration of interest

You must declare any interest – pecuniary, family or personal – whether direct or indirect, in any company, organisation, entity or association with whom the University, or its subsidiary companies, might contract for the provision of goods or services.
  Declaration of interest (word – 31kb)

Framework agreement

The framework agreement was developed in joint partnership between the University and the recognised trade unions, in accordance with the national framework agreement for the modernisation of pay structures forged by the Joint National Committee for Higher Education Staff.
  Framework agreement (word – 216kb)