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Higher National Certificates

  • Chemical Engineering by Flexible Open Learning, HNC
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering by Flexible Open Learning, HNC
  • Instrumentation and Control Engineering by Flexible Open Learning, HNC
  • Mechanical Engineering by Flexible Open Learning, HNC
  • Process Engineering by Flexible Open Learning, HNC

Higher National Diplomas

  • Chemical Engineering by Flexible Open Learning, HND
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering by Flexible Open Learning, HND
  • Instrumentation and Control Engineering by Flexible Open Learning, HND
  • Mechanical Engineering by Flexible Open Learning, HND
  • Process Engineering by Flexible Open Learning, HND

Entry requirements and applying

The principal entry requirement for a Teesside University open learning in engineering HNC course is that our tutors are satisfied that you can be expected to benefit from the course and have a realistic expectation of successfully completing it.

The basic entry requirement for the HNC courses is a Level 3 qualification in mathematics. If you don’t hold a qualification at this level, we have a bridging module available – Foundation Mathematics for Engineers. If you wish to start with the Foundation Mathematics for Engineers module, please state this on your application form.

For entry onto either HNC Chemical Engineering or HNC Processing Engineering you may be required to complete a bridging module in Process Chemistry.

We make every effort to take relevant previous experience and appropriate alternative qualifications into account.

Course costs

For a Higher National Certificate (HNC) you study eight modules at £495 for each module. For the Higher National Diploma (HND) you study a maximum of 16 modules, again at £495 each. You usually pay for one module at a time. Some modules are subject to availability.

If you join the course and haven’t completed any appropriate HNC modules previously, the total cost of an HNC is currently £3,960 for the eight modules required and an HND is another £3,960 on top of this for the additional eight modules you need to study.

Please note we no longer accept purchase orders, cheques or bank transfers – all payments for modules must be made through the online shop. The link will be provided in your offer letter.

Student loans

Home students may be eligible to apply for a student loan using the Student Finance website . Click on ‘apply online for student finance’.

Search for Teesside University and the course title for the month you wish to start your studies and apply for a loan of £990 only to cover the cost of the first two modules. You must not select the maximum allowance option. If you study more than two modules within your year, the University will issue the Student Loans Company with an electronic change of circumstances request for an increase in your tuition fee loan. Please note you must apply each year for your next student loan – for example, if your loan starts in May 2017 you will need to apply again in May 2018 for that year.

When you receive your letter of confirmation from the Student Loans Company, please email it to us at tuole@tees.ac.uk before the start of your course. Please note that the foundation modules (if applicable) are not covered by this loan.

We are an ELCAS provider, provider number 1691.

A world-leading provider

Teesside University open learning in engineering is one of the leading providers of high-quality flexible education to the engineering industry.

For 25 years we have been creating high-quality, stand-alone, open learning materials. It is a realistic way to deliver necessary training and education to staff who are unable to attend conventional classroom-based courses. So, if you work on an oil rig in the Caribbean or in pipeline construction in a desert, your professional development need not be interrupted – you can study at your own pace, effectively anywhere.

Our programmes are supported and complemented by an impressive range of research, innovation and enterprise activities, with the quality reflected in that 80% of our submission to the last research assessment exercise was judged as being of international quality.

Take advantage of Teesside University open learning engineering courses to efficiently develop your technical and engineering workforce. Open learning is the most cost effective means of providing your staff with the education they need to ensure your company remains competitive. Our courses are equally suited to ongoing professional development of senior technical managers as to supporting established vocational training such as apprenticeships.

Tutor support

With a comprehensive tutor support network and competitively priced programmes, your flexible, accredited study with us means you can enhance your skills and knowledge in a way that suits you.

The HNC/D programmes are delivered via a dedicated online support site through e-learning which provides learning and support materials.

Improve your employability

Our internationally renowned study materials let you progress at your own pace, when and where you wish. It’s flexible.

All our course materials are self-contained and come with a full support and assessment package, allowing you to achieve your internationally recognised technical and engineering qualification.

The courses are delivered through our online site elearning@tees.

Join the tens of thousands of successful technicians and engineers whose career progression has been vitalised and underpinned by qualifications gained through open learning from Teesside University.

Manuela Rodler‘The University is fundamental to developing and upskilling our people so that they meet the needs of the future.’