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TUOLE the leading international designer and developer of engineering and technology open learning programmes, has one of the largest portfolios of accredited open learning programmes serving the engineering and process industries worldwide. TUOLE formerly COLU has been operational for 25 years and since 2002 has been part of Teesside University School of Science and Engineering.  Our HNC/D programmes are accredited under licence from Edexcel.

Please Note:  TUOL(E) provides students with open and flexible learning, however, the University regulations state that we will require ALL part time students to complete 30 credits (2 modules) each Academic Year, with effect from 1st June to 31st May each year.  This is a University and Student Finance Company requirement for ALL part time students.  Your Edexcel registration is for a maximum period of 5 years, you must complete your programme of study within this timeframe.

This does not include any Foundation modules: Foundation Mathematics for Engineers.  These module credits cannot be counted towards the 30 credit minimum.

You will only be able to study 30 credits (or two modules) at any given time and will need to complete these modules before progressing on to further study.

It is also important that you realise that open learning study requires a considerable degree of self-discipline. You must be prepared to devote both time and effort to studying not withstanding other distractions that may be present.

There are currently 4 pricing options:
Pre 2012/3 – this is for students who commenced their studies before 1 August 2012
Pre 2015/6 – this is for students who commenced their studies before 1 August 2015 but after 31 July 2012
Pre 2017/8 – this is for students who commenced their studies before 1 August 2017 but after 31 July 2015
2017/8+ – this is for students who commenced or are commencing their studies after 31 July 2017