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​Current staff and students of Teesside University are entitled to download Microsoft Office365 for FREE.

The Following guides explain how to sign up and download the software:



Title Office 365 free to all TU Students

​Teesside University will provide Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus for students at no cost via the Microsoft Student Advantage program. This agreement between Teesside University and Microsoft allows us to provide current students with the latest version of full Office on student devices.

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Contact Us​​

​​Please try one of the following ways to get in touch with IT Services

Email:​ Phone:​ ​Term Opening Hours
​Internal Ext. 2220
External 01642 342220
​Monday – Thursday: 0830 – 17:00
Friday: 0830 – 1630
  • Visit Us: Please visit one of the Service Desks around campus: Staff & Student Service Desk Locations
  • Working late? We also provide support via the Out of Hours Service
  • New!!! Did you know you can use the IT Portal to log any issues with us?

Before you contact IT Services:

It would be greatly appreciated when contacting us if you consider the following things:

  • Reboot: Is the problem resolved by rebooting your machine? (It really works, A large percentage of errors are resolved by rebooting computers)
  • Cables: Can you see if there are any cables that have come loose from your computer? If so, are you able to reconnect them?
  • Lights: Can you see any lights on the front of your computer? (This gives us an indication what the current power state of your computer is)
  • Not Alone: Are any of your colleagues experiencing the same issues? (This enables us to decide if it is a local problem or more widespread)
  • Change: Has anything changed, been upgraded or modified on your system since it was last working? (Quite often software updates or the installation of a new program can adversely affect a computer)

When contacting us please provide us with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your full location  (room, floor, building, campus)
  • Your IT username
  • Your contact telephone number
  • The nature of your problem
  • Your availability (if you are likely to be out of contact)

Additionally it will be beneficial to us if you could provide the following detailed information:

  • Describe the sequence of events that led to the issue (e.g. what you were doing, what happened on the screen
  • Did anything unexpected happen
  • Exact wording of any error messages or better still a screen shot

It would be useful to know your basic computer details such as Operating System & version, amount of memory etc.

  • Windows Users can find this by running System Information
  • Mac Users can find the OS version and memory information by going to the Apple menu and choose “About This Mac”.