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Teesside University Financial Support

Our finance advisers are available throughout the year to give you advice and information on money matters.

Whether it’s about tuition fees, grants, student loans or welfare benefits, we can offer guidance and help with any difficulties which arise.

Where our funding comes from and how we spend it

The University receives its income in the form of grants from government and European funding bodies, tuition fees from students, the NHS, research grants and contracts, business engagement activities and other activities such as student residences and catering.

The University spends its income on the running of its academic schools, providing academic support services (such as the library and IT services), maintaining its buildings and other facilities, undertaking academic research, engaging with business, providing residences and catering for students and management and administration.

The University aims to generate a surplus each year. This is re-invested in the University and its services, to provide better teaching and research facilities for staff and students alike.

Maintenance loan

Full-time students can take out a maintenance loan for living costs. The amount you’re entitled to depends on a number of factors which include your household income, where you live and where you study. The maximum maintenance loan available to a student ordinarily living in England who begins studying in or after September 2017 is £8,430 a year – the government hasn’t yet announced the maximum figure for 2018 entry.

Contact us

Contact the Student Support Unit on:
T: 01642 342297
E: studentfinance@tees.ac.uk .