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Teesside University E Portfolio

Welcome to your ePortfolio. This tool has been developed by the School of Health & Social Care, Teesside University to enable you to record your personal and professional development during your studies here. Throughout the course you will be given help and guidance on how to use the tools provided within this portfolio and how to develop the reflective skills needed for modern health care practice. Your personal development will be supported throughout the modules you are studying this year.

Throughout the coming year we will be seeking feedback from you on the features of the ePortfolio and your personal development experiences. This will be collected both formally and informally and will be used to inform the future development of the tool.

Welcome to Portfolio@Tees

Welcome to Teesside University’s digital portfolio system powered by MAHARA. Portfolio@Tees is designed to provide you with the tools to create a personal and professional learning environment.

It’s a portfolio system that you can use for a range of purposes:

  • Share and showcase your portfolio/CV
  • Store and upload your digital documents, images and embedded media
  • Forge links with employers and other jobseekers
  • Collaborate and learn in groups
  • Work towards/showcase professional accreditation
  • Provide formative feedback and summative assessment
  • Connect with other users and create online communities

Portfolio@Tees can also be used to support and record your personal growth and learning through reflective practices and demonstrate life-long learning.

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