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Blackboard is a web-based e-learning platform, so to access it use a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape or Firefox (versions 5 and above are required to use all of Blackboard’s features). You can check what version of the web browser you are running by clicking on the Help menu and selecting About (on your browser help menu – not the help tab within Blackboard). If you aren’t sure whether you have the right program, see the link to check browser configuration before trying to log in.

The web address for Blackboard is http://blackboard.tees.ac.uk

What is Elearning@Tees?

URL: https://eat.tees.ac.uk/

Elearning@Tees (otherwise known as Blackboard) is the website used by the University to support your learning whilst you’re here.

On this website, you’ll find

  • your learning materials
  • messages about your modules from teaching staff
  • administrative information such as module guides and timetables
  • the place to submit all your assignments when the time comes

It will be one of the websites you visit most often whilst you’re here and it’s important that you keep up to date with the information teaching staff will put on it

  • Notification of Changes to Student Regulations

    There have been changes to some of the University Student Regulations since the start of the last academic year.

    All students will receive an email listing those regulations that have changed. To access the revised regulations, please click on the following link to the University’s website: Student Regulations

Quick Start Guide to Blackboard

This quick start guide is intended to show you some of the functionality of the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) powered by Blackboard. It is the first step to getting familiar with the basics of using the system and will sign post you where to find further help and support.

Getting Started & Orientation

Go to https://eat.tees.ac.uk (eat short for eLearning at Tees) and login to the environment using your IT user ID and password. This is the one you use to log in to your work computer and your email.

The first time you login to the system you get a welcome overlay screen informing you of several new features, including the Global Navigation Menu. Click Close on the overlay screen to reveal your Home Tab. You will see the Home screen as shown below.

On your Home tab there are two areas called Current Modules and Previous & Future Modules. They list which modules you are teaching on or participating in. The Current Modules lists all of your currently active modules, while the Previous & Future Modules lists any inactive modules, grouped by academic year. Inactive modules are those from previous academic years and any future modules which are not yet running.