Syed Zaidi Anglia Ruskin University

Syed Zaidi Anglia Ruskin University

A highly motivated and enthusiastic experienced team leader and an effective team member highly qualified with proven track record in HE recruitment and marketing. An inspirational leader, who has managed a large number of staff, achieved given targets and maximized growth. Now looking for a management role in a leading and progressive organisation with opportunities for learning and growth, where I could contribute with my skills and capabilities towards its progress and goals, and where I can bring strategic value and develop current skill set further.


  • Anglia Ruskin University

    MBA -Capstone Project: A strategic business plan for British Airways proposing them to enter in Africa. Preferred entering mode is through acquisition. I suggested BA to acquire Egypt air after an extensive market research and using PESTLE as key analysis. Also calculated their past few years financial ratios and spotted a light on Air transportation business in general .Applied Porter’s 5 forces to support the analysis of acquisition of Egypt Air by British Airways.

    Activities and Societies: Reading across a broad spectrum of literature, keeping abreast with current affairs and global news, enjoy keeping fit and work out regularly. Also take part in voluntarily work with and in the community on regular basis.


    Appraiser training

    * OISC Training Course-Certification from Immigration Advisory Services.
    * Inclusive, Cohesive & Safe Campuses – Anglia Ruskin University.
    * Recruitment & Selection – Anglia Ruskin University
    * Data Protection – Anglia Ruskin University
    * Diversit at Work Pace – Anglia Ruskin University
    * Royal Mail managerial & various customer services courses.
    * Operation Trammel Course designed to identify criminals / fraudsters – Metropolitan Police.
    * Computer literate & MCP –Microsoft Certified Professional