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General introduction to the subject area

Welcome to the world of statistics! This is a discipline with unparalleled applicability whose use can be found in a wide range of areas such as finance, business, management, economics and other fields in the social sciences. ST104a Statistics 1 provides you
with the opportunity to grasp the fundamentals of the subject and will equip you with the vital quantitative skills and powers of analysis which are highly sought-after by employers in many sectors.
The material in this course is necessary as preparation for other courses you may study later on as part of your degree or diploma; indeed, in many cases statistics is a compulsory course on our degrees.
  • In particular, it has links with SC1021 Principles of sociology and MN3141 Principles of marketing.
  • You may also choose to take ST104b Statistics 2 or MT2076 Management mathematics so that you can study the concepts introduced here in greater depth. A natural continuation of this course and ST104b Statistics 2 are the advanced courses ST3133 Advanced statistics: distribution theory and ST3134 Advanced statistics: statistical inference.
  • You may wish to develop your economic statistics by taking EC2020 Elements of econometrics.
  • You may want to build on your interests in social research and take SC2145 Social research methods.
  • You will also find these techniques valuable as a geographer by taking this course with GY1148 Methods of geographical analysis.
So the reach of statistics is considerable. Hence it rightly forms a core component of the EMFSS programmes since all of the courses mentioned above require an understanding of the concepts and techniques introduced in ST104a Statistics 1. The analytical skills which you will develop on this course will thus stand you in very good stead both for your future studies and beyond into the real world of work.