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Saint Mary’s University’s Online Learning Centre offers over 10 years of experience as a leader in the field of online and distance education.

We are unique among Canadian universities because we offer not only online and distance education, but also media, design, production capabilities, teaching and learning support all under one roof. The combination of these skill sets allow us to offer the best possible service.

So whether you are a current or future distance student, faculty member, graduate student or one of our many valued partners, we look forward to a long and prosperous future of collaboration.

What are Online Programs?

Saint Mary’s Univeristy is please to offer credit courses online in the areas of Arts, Science and Commerce through a World Wide Web delivery format. Students are able to access courses in the convenience of their homes and offices,  while participating in an
interactive and innovative learning environment.

If you are interested in taking university courses, on a full-time or part-time basis, please contact the Division of Continuing Education at (902)420-5492 to set up an appointment. Students are advised to consult the Academic Calendar for course descriptions and information concerning course prerequisites.

Complete information on taking Online Courses is available on our eLearning centre site.

Subject Course Section Title CRN
ACCT 2242 2WW Introductory Managerial Acc 24376
ASTR 1010 2WW Life in the Universe 22291
ASTR 1010 2WX Life in the Universe 22292
CRIM 2304 2WW Canadian Crim Justice System 20452
CRIM 3220 2WW Race, Racism & Colonialism 24506
ECON 1202 2WW Principles of Macroeconomics 24383
ENGL 1205 2WW Introduction to Literature 21926
ENGL 1205 2WX Introduction to Literature 22246
ENGL 2364 2WW The Modern Novella 24042
ENGL 3331 2WW History of Children’s Lit 22255
GEOG 1200 2WW People, Place & Environment 23651
GEOL 1203 2WW Earth His: Atlantic Can Perspe 24139
HIST 1203 AYW The Twentieth Century 20672
HIST 3420 2WW Hist of Sport & Leisure 24581
HIST 3450 2WW Film and History 24121
MGMT 2383 2WW Micro Organizational Behavior 24395
MGMT 3385 2WW Human Resource Management 20557
MGMT 4485 2WW Wage and Salary Administration 22123
MMCC 5120 2 Comparative Co-op Practice I 23834
MMCC 5130 2 Financial Management I 23835
MMCC 5140 2 Marketing the Advantage I 23836
MMCC 5220 2 Comparative Co-op Practice II 24230
MMCC 5230 2 Financial Management II 24231
MMCC 5240 2 Marketing The Advantage II 24232
PSYC 1210 2WW Mind and Brain 23994
PSYC 1220 2WW Evolutionary Psychology 24579
PSYC 1250 2WW Social Behavior 24580
PSYC 1260 2WW Personality: Normal and Abnorm 20881
PSYC 1260 2WX Personality: Normal and Abnorm 22576
PSYC 3320 2WW Psychology and Law 23996
PSYC 3327 2WW Industrial/Organizational PSYC 21364
PSYC 3329 2WW Child Development 22937
PSYC 3335 2WW Abnormal PSYC: Hist & Theory 20884
PSYC 3347 2WW Longevity and Aging 20801
PSYC 3349 2WW Drugs and Behavior 24346
PSYC 3360 2WW Applied Sport Psychology 22578
PSYC 3393 2WW Psychology of Leadership 22939
PSYC 4426 2WW Personnel Training & Develop 21440
RELS 3330 2WW Spirituality in the Workplace 21982
SOCI 3220 2WW Race, Racism & Colonialism 24507

 Application and Registration 

Taking courses through Saint Mary’s University is a two step process consisting of application to the University and registration for courses.

For admission requirements please refer to our Apply Online section.

Once accepted to the university, students are now able to register for courses online through the Banner Self-Service system.

For new students, a student ID number (example: A00000000) will be included in your acceptance package with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access the Banner Self-Service system.

Please Note: Students are advised to consult the current Academic Calendar for course descriptions and information concerning course prerequisites.

Courses historically taught over the academic year are now split into 2 parts and students must register for both parts . These courses are identified by the section letters XX and YY. Extension courses are identified by an X or Y preceding the two letter suffix in the course number, eg. XDA and YDA etc.


X and Y = 6 Credit Hours (Full credit)
WW and WX = Web Courses
Note: Credits have been replaced by credit hours
.1 = 3 credit hours (half credit)
.2 = 3 credit hours (half credit)
Students registering for an X course MUST register in the Y course of the same number, e.g. Hist 2340.XDA and Hist 2340.YDA