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St George’s University of London Student Union

St George’s University of London Student Union

St George’s University Union

St. George’s Students’ Union, University of London – is the legally recognised body of all students who study here. It represents students on all matters, with academic, social and welfare responsibilities. There is no charge for students to join, and the services offered by the Students’ Union include the School Shop, the Bar, clubs and societies and the Robert Lowe Sports Centre.

SGSU is affiliated to NUS (National Union of Students) and ULU (University of London Union). The resources offered to us by the NUS include a vast wealth of information to legal advice, and discounts on services and in high street stores. ULU are able to offer additional clubs and societies that may not be offered here at St George’s, and allows the more competitive students to play at higher levels.




We will endeavour to represent and support our students as well as providing a service that achieves an integrated student body, treated with equality regardless of ethnicity, origin, religion, culture, gender or orientation and socio-economic class.

We will demand a high quality and standard of education for all students.

We will provide welfare, emotional and practical support to all students.

We will support students in pursuing all extracurricular activities with the aim that all students should have the opportunity to broaden their social, personal, cultural and sporting interests.



     That every student will be empowered to pursue and benefit from all aspects of the SU, the University and the student experience.



     Integrity in all activities and democratic procedures

     Equality in representation and participation

     Excellence in provision of services and resources

     Commercial Services that cater for our students






SGSU is managed by the student Executive which is made up of elected officers, council and senate representatives. The Exec manages the running of all student activities, funds and manages the clubs and societies accounts. It meets fortnightly during term and all students are welcome to attend meetings.

Dates of SGSU Executive meetings 2014-2015. All meetings are on a Tuesday and start at 17.30
August September October November December January February March April May June July
26th 9th 7th & 21st 4th & 18th 2nd  6th & 20th 3rd &
3rd, 17th & 31st 14th & 28th 12th & 26th 9th & 23rd 7th

Minutes of SGSU Executive meetings
SGSU Council is made up of a representivite from each club and society, as well as the SGSU Executive.

Dates of SGSU Council meetings

Minutes of SGSU Council meetings


SGSU Senate is a platform for all year-reps to meet with the 4 senior officers of the SU and dicuss academic issues, as well as giving year-reps a chance to find out what events etc the SU is holding

Dates of SGSU Senate meetings

Minutes of SGSU Senate meetings

SGSU Trustee Board meets every term and is comprised of student trustees and external trustees.

Minutes of SGSU Trustee Board