St George’s University of London Graduation Robes

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St George’s University of London Graduation Robes

St George’s University of London Graduation Robes

Gown hire



Graduating students are required to wear full academic dress. Ede & Ravenscroft are the official robemakers for St George’s, University of London and you will need to order gowns, hoods and hats directly from them, in advance of the Ceremony and by 16th June 2017 . It is not possible to arrange academic dress on the day, nor will you be able to participate in the Ceremony unless academic dress is worn.

You can place your order online ( ) or by telephone 01223 861854 from Tuesday 21 st February . If ordering online, please type ‘St George’s’ and select the correct Ceremony date, time and award type. Please note ordering over the phone incurs an extra £5 charge.

Before you place an order, please make a note of your height, head, and chest measurements. You will need to have your credit card ready. While the majority of graduands hire their academic dress, you are able to buy your gowns if you wish. If you are a wheelchair user, you can order specially tailored gowns. Please visit for more information.

Graduands should wear their own appropriate, formal attire underneath. Alternatively, national dress or traditional costume can be worn underneath the gowns.

After the Ceremony, if you have hired your gowns and hoods, please return these to Ede & Ravenscroft by 2.30pm in you graduate in the morning, and 6.30pm for the afternoon ceremony.