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Siming ZhangName: Siming Zhang
Course: MSc Communication Networks and Systems
Age: 26
Home city: Beijing

I’m fortunate to be involved with lots of projects that have a close relationship with industry. It not only looks good on my CV, but it’s also given me a more concrete understanding of engineering and more confidence for later in my career.

What attracted you to electrical engineering?

Firstly, my parents played a big part. Many Chinese students get a lot of advice and direction from their parents around what to study. We do listen to our parents more than in Western culture. My friends also took a lot of advice from their parents. Also, my dad is an electrical engineer and my mum is in science, so I grew up with that.

Secondly – and this is more important than the first reason – I have an interest in engineering in general; I like logic, and trying to understand things at a deeper level. I also got a lot of confidence from achieving high scores and getting good feedback from my engineering work, so that helped me to feel good about my ability.

What have you enjoyed about the course?

I’d heard how strong Bristol University is for wireless communication and how it’s a good, well-rounded university, and the course lived up to my expectations. We covered many subjects including optical and wireless networks and I enjoyed the multiple disciplines combined in one course. I think that really helped me decide that I wanted to focus on wireless communication for my PhD.

I didn’t think I’d have such hands-on experience and have the opportunity to work with hardware so much during my studies here. I thought it’d be more theoretical, but now I can combine the theoretical with measurements and that’s really good experience to have.