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Badass Yoga classes are coming back after lazy holidays.

Every Thursday from 8th of October, 1 hour classes:

City (Sport Hall) at 12:30

Collegiate (Movement Studio) at 18:15

I will make you sweat, bend, twist and put you upside down to bring strengh, flexibility and happiness to your body. 

Entry only £3.60/ per class.

You don’t need to be student! It’s for everyone & every shape.

Private yoga at home

Going to classes is better than following a DVD but the teacher can not fully dedicate their time to you. In private lessons you will improve your practice faster and can be confident that you are performing the positions correctly. I can tailor lessons to meet your needs and goals, catering for people new to yoga, pregnant and wanting to deepen their practice. Lessons are normally between 1 to 1.5 hours and held various locations in Sheffield.

Class types

  • Beginners wanting to learn more about yoga.

  • Regular practioners looking for focus and improvement.

  • People looking to get into shape, lose weight/ tone and want an alternative to the gym or personal trainer.

  • People wanting to improve on stress management or fight depression.

  • People who partake in regular fitness and wish to use yoga to complement their activities. Yoga for cyclists and runners. 

  • Couples or 2 friends looking to practice together.

City Campus, Howard Street,
Sheffield, S1 1WB, UK

Phone +44 (0)114 225 5555