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Professor Shaowei Zhang



Telephone: 01392 725276

Extension: (Streatham) 5276

Shaowei Zhang University of Exeter

Prof. Shaowei Zhang joins Exeter from Sheffield where he had worked for 14 years as a postdoctoral research associate, an EPSRC advanced fellow and a member of academic staff. Before joining Sheffield, he had been at Nagoya, Japan for 5 years both as a PhD student and a member of academic staff.

His main research interests are in the processing, microstructures and properties of advanced ceramics and high temperature composites. Current research topics include development of nanostructured low carbon composites, design of phase change material composites for thermal storage, novel synthesis of graphene and graphene quantum dots, and preparation of porous ceramics. Other work includes preparation of oxide/carbide coatings and novel armour materials and development of ultrahigh-temperature ceramics.

In addition to research, he has acted as a consultant to more than 15 ceramics companies and their user companies.

Professor Shaowei Zhang Publications

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