Scholarship for University of Bath

Scholarship for University of Bath

University of Bath

Bursaries and scholarships for undergraduate students

You could be considered for a bursary or scholarship to help you study at Bath. This is in addition to your student loan and you do not have to pay it back.


We offer bursaries to UK students from low-income families. A bursary is an amount of money to help you pay for course costs or other living expenses. Bursaries are paid in instalments during your studies and you don’t have to pay the money back.

You may be eligible for:

Gold scholarship programme

Our Gold scholarship programme offers bursaries of £5,000 per year of study (not including paid placement) to up to 50 students from low-income families. It also offers students opportunities for development and new experiences, including:

  • 50 hours of volunteering, fundraising or outreach a year
  • alumni mentoring
  • personal development, networking and skills training sessions
  • support with placements and internships
  • pastoral support networks


You may be able to apply for one or more of the scholarships we offer. Each scholarship can be worth up to £5,000 for each year of your studies.

Faculty scholarships

You could be considered for different scholarships depending on your area of study. Find out more about scholarships from:

You could also be eligible for a sports scholarship from Team Bath or arts-related schemes from The Edge Arts.

Corporate partner scholarships

You could be eligible for a scholarship funded by one of our partners. These can be worth up to £5,000 a year and can include placement opportunities, mentoring and a potential job when you graduate.

Find out about scholarships offered by:

Income related scholarships

You could be eligible to apply for an income related scholarship worth up to £3,000 for each year of your studies (except placement year). Eligibility is based on your student loans assessed household income, academic achievements, a supporting statement, widening participation and any other relevant eligibility criteria.

External scholarships

You can apply for scholarships offered by other organisations.