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Sarah O'BrienSarah O’Brien
Programme Leader (for BA Hons – Performance for Live & Recorded Media), School of Computing, Media & the Arts
T: 01642 342641
Research: Computing research

Sarah is Programme Leader for the BA (Hons) Performance for Live and Recorded Media.

She currently teaches live performance, acting and presenting for the camera, radio drama and performance theory. Sarah has taught acting and performance studies in various Higher Educational institutions across the UK for over 12 years and has been the external examiner for the BA Acting and BA Musical Theatre Northumbria University since 2010.

Sarah graduated with a first class degree in Performing Arts from the University of Hertfordshire in 1999. Following this, Sarah continued her studies at Lancaster University through academic research and professional practice in the area of contemporary experimental and multimedia theatre.

Her PhD was by practice and was funded by the Arts Council. Sarah has published on arts practice-as-research methodology and Performance/Live Art and continues to research through her own performance practice.


O’Brien, S (2017) ““Not the exotic anymore, but the endotic”: Georges Perec and Performing the Ordinary” International Journal of Cultural Studies and Social Sciences.

O’Brien, S., Grady D. (2016) ‘Understanding Theory Through Practice in Performance’ workshop as part of the Festival of Learning, Teesside University.

O’Brien, S. (2015) paper for the proceedings of the Emotional Geographies conference Edinburgh University June 2015.

O’Brien, S. (2013) ‘Thinking Through Moving Image and Performance’ in Of Other Thoughts Non-traditional Approaches to the Doctorate. Eds. T, Engels-Schwarzpaul and M. A. Peters. Sense Publishers.

Carroll R., O’Brien S., Salzer H. (2010) ‘I, Performer: Exploring Student Identity and Interdisciplinarity’ In the proceedings of University Learning and Teaching Conference, Teesside University, February 2010 (UK)

Abbas A., Singleton C., Carroll R., O’Brien S., Salzer H.  ‘Epistemological (dis)comforts and (dis)satisfactions in collaborative research’ in the proceedings of The British Sociological Association annual conference, Glasgow Caledonian University, April 2010 (United Kingdom).

Abbas A., Singleton C., Carroll R., O’Brien S., Salzer H. ‘Comparative Data Analysis: Performing, Dancing and Theorising the Data’ in the proceedings of 9th Conference of the ESA-European Sociological Association, Lisbon, 2009, (Portugal).

O’Brien, S. (2009) ‘A MUVE toward democracy? Second Front and the co-presence of avatar-audience and avatar-artist’. In the proceedings of Performing Presence: From the Live to the Simulated An international conference, Centre for Intermedia, University of Exeter, UK, 26-29 March 2009.

O’Brien, S. (2007) ‘Practice-as-Research in Performance: A Response to Reflective Judgement’ Studies in Theatre and Performance 27:1 Intellect.


‘Deck Chair’ a video installation exhibited at the Constantine Gallery, Teesside University (2016).

‘Flemish Transfiguration’ (2015) (Published by Textile Art of Today, featured in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia) as a performer in a collaborative installation by Dave Allinson, Rob Burton (MissKiKiSalon), Sarah O’Brien and Michelle Tripp.

‘Mirror Stage’ (2015) as a performer in a collaborative video installation by Dave Allinson, Rob Burton, Sarah O’Brien and Michelle Tripp.

O’Brien, Sarah (2015) ‘Salience’ a video installation for the proceedings of the Emotional Geographies conference Edinburgh University June 2015.

‘Empathy’ (2013) site specific video installation and performance working with Stockton Council, UK.

Co-organiser of: Arts Practice and Sociological Research Methods: Exploring Boundaries: A One-day Conference, June 4th 2009, Teesside University.

‘I Performer’ (2009) Learning and Teaching Innovation Fund for: ‘Arts Practice and Research Methods: an interdisciplinary learning and teaching research project’, Teesside University.

‘peep’ (2005) video and performance installation submitted for PhD.

‘Voice’ (2004) video and performance installation submitted for PhD.

Editorial Review and Published Reviews

Reviewer for ‘Shared Differences: Creativity in Graduate Research’ in Knowledge Cultures 4 (1) (2016), Addleton Academic Publishers.

O’Brien, Sarah (2010) Review of Staging the screen: the use of film and video in theatre, Greg Giesekam in International Journal of Performing Arts and Digital Media.

Reviewer for PALATINE (Performing Arts Learning and Teaching Innovation Network) Development Awards (August 2006).

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