Requirements For University of Cambridge

By | 4th May 2017

Requirements For University of Cambridge

The requirements specified in this section are the minimum requirements for graduate admission to the University. Some departments may impose higher academic or language requirements. Please consult the Course Directory for full information on each course requirement.

If you are from an English speaking country, there are three key requirements:

  1. AcademicEvidence of completing a degree that meets the University Minimum Requirements
  2. FinancialEvidence that you are aware of how much funding will be required for your course, and that you have made plans to provide that amount
  3. College MembershipYou must apply for College membership as part of the application process

Additionally, if you are not from an English-speaking country or have not studied in one recently, you will also be required to demonstrate competence in the English language. For more details, and to check whether we would require evidence from you, please check the Competence in English section of the Prospectus.