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Queen’s University Belfast Welcome Centre

Queen’s Welcome Centre

Located in the heart of the University in the red-brick Lanyon building, the Welcome Centre sells an attractive choice of gifts, ideal for graduating students, particularly the ‘Class of 2017’ branding clothing range with the names of all graduands on T-shirts, hoodies etc, as well as jewellery and graduation teddies. For Winter Graduation the Welcome Centre are providing framing for your certificate.

On the Day Certificate Framing

Once you have collected your graduation certificate, bring it to us at Queen’s Welcome Centre and have it instantly framed. With a choice of frames and Queen’s branded mounts, you can have your certificate hanging on your wall that very same evening.


Offering personalisation of Queen’s branded hoodies and trial tops. Choose the item in your preferred size and colour and tell us exactly how you would like it personalised.

To shop online or see photos of the kind of gifts on offer you can browse the Welcome Centre website

It also provides information about Queen’s and University events, as well as tourist information about Belfast and Northern Ireland.

We look forward to seeing you at any time and especially during graduation week.


Opening Hours (During graduation)

Thursday 29 June:   8am – 6pm

Friday 30 June:        8am – 6pm

Saturday 1 July:       8am – 6pm

Monday 3 July:         8am – 6pm

Tuesday 4 July:        8am – 6pm

Wednesday 6 July:  8am – 6pm

Admission free/Wheelchair access.