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Queen’s University Belfast Students’ Union (QUBSU) is the official representative body for students at Queen’s University Belfast. Membership in the Union is automatic and currently totals 24,560, making it one of the largest Unions on the island of Ireland, and one of the largest in the United Kingdom. The Students’ Union derives its existence and authority from the University’s Statutes, and so is not entirely independent of it, and must have amendments to its constitution approved by the University Senate. It aims to represent students’ interests both with the University and the wider community, to create a sense of student spirit and provide services that aid the students during their time at the University. The Students’ Union can trace its origins to the nineteenth century, and has been based on University Road, directly opposite the University’s main ‘Lanyon Building’, since the 1960s

We’re loved across campus and Belfast: we’re the largest single-campus Union in Ireland and are proud to say that we’re one of the top five Students’ Unions in the UK. We’re also in the top 10 per cent of UK Students’ Unions for student experience.

The Union is led by students, for students. Each year, students are elected to become Student Officers

Five full-time Officers work alongside 12 part-time Volunteers. They are here to help you, represent you, organise campaigns to make the changes you want, and lead the Union on your behalf.

Clubs and Societies

Over 11,000 students are members of our 200-plus clubs and societies. They give you a little bit more: more fun; more time to be part of something; more time to improve your skills

Our subject-specific societies(covering everything from Architecture to Medicine) offer careers advice and placements, and business-focused societies such as Enactus and IELTS help you add value to your degree.

Some of our achievements

  • Effectively campaigned for the removal of the lifetime MSM Blood Ban, which was subsequently lifted on 1 September 2016
  • Created an Accommodation Forum for students who did not secure a space in University accommodation to find safe housing
  • Secured £40,000 from the University to reverse cuts to student counselling


Queen’s Students’ Union
77-79 University Road, BT7 1NF, Northern Ireland.
T: 028 9097 3726
E: studentsunion@qub.ac.uk