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Welcome to the Queen’s University Belfast electronic tendering process

From this web site you can

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  • View information on contracts that have already been awarded.
  • Express interest in a particular tender or quotation.
  • Receive tender and/or quotation documentation.
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How do I get started?

  • To browse the list of tenders and quotations select the Tenders option. If you are interested in any of those listed, click the View Details button for further information and to express your interest.
  • To gain full access to this web site you must register your company / organisation using the Register option.
  • When your registration has been accepted, you will receive an email containing your Login Information.
  • Once you have received your Login Information, or if you are already a registered user, select the Login option.

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Queen’s University Belfast procurement policies and initiatives.

How Do I Tender?

Already Registered on Constructionline

For most works projects, the Estates Directorate uses the Constructionline database to identify Contractors for works, ranging in value from £100,000 to the current EU threshold. The relevant sectors and categories are:

• Building General
Building Hospitals
Building Museums, Art Galleries and Libraries
Building Offices
Building Schools and Colleges
Building Sports and Leisure
Working in Occupied Premises
Working in Listed Buildings/Conservation Areas
• Electrical
• Mechanical

If your firm is already registered with Constructionline, you should ensure that your contact details are up to date and all registration information relating to the sectors and categories above is complete.

Not yet registered on Constructionline

If you wish to register your firm on Constructionline, go to (www.constructionline.co.uk/static and complete all the necessary details.

What next?

What if I don’t want to register on Constructionline?

Once a contract is advertised, you should forward a letter of interest to: Estates Directorate, Queen’s University Belfast, BT7 1NN.

The University will then advise on the proposed contract programme and ask you to forward your details, as outlined at www.constructionline.co.uk/static/suppliers/registered-supplier-resources.html, directly to Constructionline requesting a single project assessment of your company to ensure equality and consistency. Once this assessment has been completed and you are temporarily registered on Constructionline for the particular project, the normal selection procedures will apply.

The University wishes to point out this method of non-registered assessment is no guarantee of selection, and all registration costs must be covered by the Contractor. It should also be noted that non-registered assessment is on a project by project basis and does not pre-qualify the Contractor for selection for future tenders.