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Open your mind with Psychology

Psychology is defined as the scientific study of behaviour, so virtually anything which is related to the behaviour of humans and other animals is potentially relevant to psychology.

The School of Psychology was established in 1958 and is part of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Queen’s University

We currently have 675 students, 155 of which are at postgraduate level.

We offer an undergraduate degree accredited by the British Psychology Society and a breadth of postgraduate qualifications.

We offer BSc Psychology and also BSc Psychology with Professional Placement with a 12 month paid work placement. We also offer a BSc Intercalated Psychology for medical and dental students, four MSc courses including our new accredited MSc Psychological Science conversion degree and two Doctorates in Educational and Clinical Psychology.

Our Mission Statement

We do this through creating a world class educational experience for all students and supporting a vibrant research environment that is collaborative and cross-disciplinary.

We also focus on raising our international profile at teaching and research level, embracing technological advances in every part of our work and connecting with key policy and decision makers to ensure our research has impact.

Our Purpose

To be a world class School of Psychology which empowers our students and undertakes innovative research.

The research will be world class and influence the future of the discipline and enable far-reaching benefits for society.


A growing inter-disciplinary sub-field drawing on insights from a number of disciplines including Psychology, Political Science and History.


The programme provides advanced study of topics in developmental psychology, with a specific focus on development in the context of adversity.


Providing professional training in clinical psychology for those entering the profession, particularly in Northern Ireland.


The Doctorate in Educational, Child and Adolescent Psychology (DECAP) seeks to provide qualified educational psychologists to work in Northern Ireland.