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Make postgraduate study your next step

Join a community of nearly 4,000 postgraduate students at a research-intensive Russell Group university.

With postgraduate courses that cost less, employer connections that link you with more and our Graduate School as a hub, we are a leading university for postgraduate study.

Postgraduate Experience

The Graduate School

Our dedicated hub for postgraduate students, providing state-of-the-art facilities for study, and high-quality training and development programmes within a diverse interdisciplinary community.


With the launch of our Graduate School, we have set our sights on becoming a leading global centre for postgraduate research and study.

We aim to give our students the right equipment to make a real difference in their chosen careers and fields, with a strong focus on encouraging them to develop critical thinking and leadership skills.

Our postgraduate culture thrives on a collaborative network – students and academics from different disciplines working together and with a shared vision

Our postgraduate community is built on a foundation of exceptional teaching,cutting-edge research,innovation, collaboration and engagement. This is one of the reasons why our Graduate School has been ranked 1st among 159 universities worldwide.


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student life

All the help you need for an unforgettable university experience:

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