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Belfast’s night scene has been booming in recent years with the opening of many new clubs and “trendier” bars throughout the city.  The city’s night scene is buzzing year round, but it is between October and May when it really gets going.  This is due to the influx of university students who occupy many of the bars, clubs and bistros every night of the week.

The majority of hip clubs and bistros, as well as traditional pubs, are located along the Golden Mile and throughout the University district.

Some upcoming festivals and multiple events in the city can be viewed below.

Also you can go online to Northern Ireland’s What’s On Events Guide – www.whatsonni.com. You can find out what’s happening all across Northern Ireland searching by date, location and category.

Belfast is a city that has developed to host many cultural festivals of specific themes and also general arts festivals, which are happening throughout much of the year. There are many festivals in Belfast. From the well respected Belfast Film Festival, Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival and Belfast Festival at Queens (a wide ranging arts festival which was known for some time as the biggest European arts festival after Edinburgh), to niche areas such as Open House Festival (folk and roots), Belfast Childrens’ Festival and the maritime themed Titanic Festival, the festivals of Belfast are wide ranging. There are also festivals located within various suburbs of Belfast. All months have at least one festival going on, often there are more than five in any month.

The Tourist Information Centre for Belfast, called The Belfast Welcome Centre, will be able to tell you about most festivals going on. It’s likely though that they will miss some, there really are a lot, and they are diverse. It’s a very good idea to search The Web, ask around, read newspapers, and pick up the glossy magazines about Belfast such as “What About” and “Fate” etc.


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