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The Jiu Jitsu Foundation, is a progressive martial arts organisation. We acknowledge the history and practice of traditional martial arts, but place them in a modern setting for a modern changing society.

Many people come to Jiu Jitsu for self defence, others have different technical and spiritual goals. We will help you to strive to reach them, though they will all require effort, hard work and commitment.

We pride ourselves on the Foundation being a friendly and inspiring place to train in martial arts and for having a very strong social scene at every level, from club and region to country.

Everyone who trains with us is part of the Jiu Jitsu Foundation, it is made up and run by training members and instructors, lead by the Tertiary Board. If you are a new member, welcome.

The Jiu Jitsu Foundation is a founder and active member of the national governing body for JuJitsu in the UK. An organisation with over a hundred clubs in the UK the Jiu Jitsu Foundation teaches the modern and unique Shorinji Kan system of Jiu Jitsu.

The Jiu Jitsu Foundation is the largest single-style Jiu Jitsu organisation in Britain.

Clubs in the Jitsu Foundation are grouped into 14 UK regions, plus an international ‘region’. To find a club near you, please enter your postcode above or select the appropriate geographic region from the list below. Not all clubs have a junior section.

The Jitsu Foundation is expanding, so if there is not a club listed near you, please contact the office to ask if there are plans to open in your area.

We teach the martial art of Jiu Jitsu in , Want to increase fitness, improve confidence, start self-defence classes or just learn jujitsu? If you’re not a regular club member please use the email form below to let us know you’re interested.

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