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History at Queen’s spans the period from early Greece and the later Roman Empire to the early Middle Ages and up to the 20th century. Students are encouraged to select from a wide range of modules, in geographical as well as chronological terms, with modules on Continental Europe, Africa, Asia and North America, and on European expansion overseas, as well as on Ireland and Great Britain. Within these areas, there are modules dealing with political developments, religious and economic change, and with social and cultural history, including modules in gender and women’s history.

History Modules. Modules at Level 1 offer a systematic introduction to the discipline of History, partly by sampling some of the many different approaches that historians take in studying the past, and partly by an exploration of some of the major questions of theory and method with which they are concerned.

  • Introduction to the Discipline of History

History Modules

  • The American South 1865-1980



This course will examine the causes and repercussions of the Peasants? Revolt of 1381. This was a significant uprising by the peasantry (and others) within medieval England, though its roots and consequences are the subject of much debate. The fourteenth century as a whole was a period of much social and economic upheaval, dominated by famine, plague, war and heresy. Students will explore the Peasants? Revolt by situating it within the wider contexts of medieval society, such as lord-peasant relations, the Black Death, the decline of serfdom, the Hundred Years War, the growing repression of th…more



This module content includes: exploration of the cultural world of ordinary people in early modern Europe; the forms of popular culture; the relationship between elite and popular culture; the methodology historians have developed in order to study popular culture.

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A Level ABB A-level General Studies and Critical Thinking are normally excluded from offers. However, the grade achieved may be taken into account when results are published in August and may be used in a tie-break situation.
SQA Higher ABBBB Separate targets are shown for Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers but offers are normally made on the basis of a combination of the two.
SQA Advanced Higher ABB Separate targets are shown for Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers but offers are normally made on the basis of a combination of the two.

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