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Queen’s University Belfast Finance Department

Student Finance oversee the financial enrolment of all students, assessment and collection of tuition fees and related charges, the administration of University Bursary Schemes and administration of the Student Support Fund.

Finance Directorate

Financial Management and Resource Utilisation

Development of the University’s Financial Strategy, including the monitoring and reporting of progress against approved plans for delivery. Provision of a range of other professional support services including support for the development of the University’s capital investment strategy, financial management support for Faculties/Professional Services, development and management of financial management information systems, and the management of the University’s costing function.

Finance Directorate


Professional support for the development, implementation and monitoring of the University’s Strategic Plan, performance management monitoring/reporting and the preparation of statutory statistical returns.

Specific responsibilities within the office include:

  • Statutory statistical returns to Higher Education Funding bodies (HESES, HESA returns, etc.)
  • Support for the UMB Planning Sub-Group
  • Development of Corporate and School based performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Maintaining a Common Coding System for the Organisational Structure
  • The provision of general management information to staff
  • Responding to external enquiries and requests for information

Finance Directorate

Financial Services

Professional services that include the financial management of research grants, the development and implementation of the University’s procurement strategy, the management of all payrolls, the processing of payment of suppliers and staff expenses, the financial enrolment of all students, the collection of tuition fees/other charges and the administration of bursary schemes and Student Support Fund.

  • Procurement
  • Salaries
  • Research Finance
  • Payments
  • Student Finance

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