Queen’s University Belfast Exam Timetable 2018/19

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Queen’s University Belfast Exam Timetable 2018/19

Below is a summary of the publication dates of examination timetables and examination results for 2017 – 18.

Examination Periods

First Semester Examinations 9 – 24 January 2017
Second Semester Examinations 18 May – 3 June 2017
Supplementary Examinations 7 August – 19 August 2017

Publication of Student Examination Timetables

Student examination timetable will be published through Queen’s Online.

First Semester Exam Timetable Friday 25 November 2016
Second Semester Exam Timetable Monday 24 April 2017
Supplementary Examinations Friday 28 July 2017

Publication of Examination Results

Exam results will be published on Qsis.

First Semester Exam Results Tuesday 7 February 2017
Second Semester Exam Results Monday 19 June 2017
Supplementary Exam Results Tuesday 29 August 2017

Exams Office Contacts

General Exams

+44(0)28 9097 2807/3927


Green Room

+44(0)28 9097 3751



+44(0)28 9097 3647


External Examiner Expenses

+44(0)28 9097 2863


The Administration of University Examinations

This section of our website contains comprehensive information about the administration of examinations including publication of examination timetables and processing of examination results. The information we provide in advance of a specific examination session assists students in planning for the current and the following academic year.

Formal Written Examinations

Undergraduate and Postgraduate

The planning and administration of examinations is an all-year-round function which includes the production of departmental examination timetables for staff and students. Personal copies are produced for students following the finalising of departmental timetables. All information is published on-line and students are able to download their personal copy within a secure environment.

Examination periods within the academic year operate from October to December. First semester examinations are scheduled in January and second semester examinations over May and June. A number of postgraduate examinations are held in April and May and supplementary examinations in August and September.

  • Approximately 1400 modules are scheduled – 600 in January – 800 in May and June
  • On average 13,500 students take examinations over a 12-day period in each semester