Queen’s University Belfast Degree Classification

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Queen’s University Belfast Degree Classification

Degree Classification Scheme

The degree classification scheme has general application throughout the University. Your  degree  classification  is  based  on  your  average  %  score  on  the TWELVE

module marks taken in Level II and Level III, with additional weighting being given to modules taken at Level III ie your level II marks contribute 40% of your final mark, while Level III contributes 60%. The final average is rounded up from .5 and above; rounded down from .49 and below.


Class                                                   Average % mark


first class                                              70+

upper second class (2.1)                         60-69

lower second class (2.2)                         50-59

third class                                              40-49

fail                                                        below 40


The secondary rule for classification is based on a predominance rule, whereby candidates whose average mark falls into a ‘borderline’ band just below a class division can be awarded a degree in the higher class based on a profile of their modular marks. The borderline bands are as follows:

67-69 with 6 or more 1st class marks = 1st by predominance 57-59   with 6 or more 2.1 marks = 2.1 by predominance with 6 or more 2.2 marks = 2.2 by predominance

Mark Schemes, penalties for late submission of work, and Honours Classifications procedures form part of the University’s Study Regulations. This section of the Code of Practice on Examinations and Assessment should be seen as offering further guidance on the application of the University Regulations. In the event of any conflict of interpretation between the Regulations and the Code of Practice, the Regulations represent the official University position and take precedence.