Queen Mary University of London Orthodontics

Queen Mary University of London Orthodontics

Queen Mary University of London Orthodontics


Orthodontics is the dental specialty involved with developmental variations in the teeth, their supporting bones and the soft tissue of the face. It is also involved in the treatment of facial deformities in both children and adults.


  • Treatment and counselling for neonatal cleft lip and palate babies
  • Correction of occlusal dysfunction in children
  • Jaw growth modification by appliances for children and adolescents
  • Correction of severe tooth malalignment
  • Adult treatment for severe malocclusion with functional or psychological problems, requiring surgical treatment in conjunction to braces
  • Comprehensive planning and treatment for hypodontia
  • Joint treatment with other consultants.

Treatment usually involves wearing orthodontic appliances (braces) and may involve patients in maxillofacial surgery or extractions. Case selection is strictly on the basis of a nationally recognised “Index of Treatment Need”. Treatment for elective cosmetic treatment is not generally available, although patients are seen and appropriately directed. Referrals are accepted from general dental and medical practitioners, other dental specialists and plastic surgeons.

As orthodontic treatment may have a long waiting list for initial diagnosis and subsequent treatment the urgency of the case should be specified, particularly where there is an identifiable growth abnormality.


Orthodontics forms part of the  Bachelor of Dental Surgery undergraduate curriculum.

Taught postgraduate courses and  PhD Opportunities covering the area of Oral Microbiology are available.


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